Based on Chuxiong, Yuze is Opening up an N-type Era while Digging deep into the Market in Yunnan Province

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for Three Bases of Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. 

On April 18, 2023, with Chuxiong Base as the main venue and Guangnan Base and Dongchuan Base as the sub-venues, Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. held a grand groundbreaking ceremony for its three bases (Chuxiong Base, Guangnan Base, and Dongchuan Base), sharing ideas with guests from all parts of the country to seek common development and embrace a promising future in the N-type era. Local government officials, partners, and friends from all walks of life attended the ceremony which drew much public attention. 

In Chuxiong Base, Zhang Wenwang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture Committee and Governor attended the Chuxiong Base Conference and delivered a speech. At Dongchuan Base, Zhang Yan, Deputy Mayor of Kunming, announced the commencement of the project. Long Gang, Secretary of the CPC Dongchuan District Committee, attended the groundbreaking ceremony and delivered a speech. In the Guangnan base, Chen Wei, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Guangnan County Committee and County Mayor, attended the groundbreaking ceremony and delivered a speech. In Chuxiong main venue, Yan Hongjia, Chairman of Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., and Xu Kun, General Manager of Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., attended the groundbreaking ceremony and delivered speeches. The ceremony was also attended by heads of base companies, leaders of relevant departments at prefecture, city, and county levels, and VIP partners of the Company. 

As the pioneer and technology leader of N-type PV silicon wafers, Yuze has been a steadfast follower of the development concept of green and low carbon, and an active practitioner of national strategies that has been exerting a significant and far-reaching impact on promoting the transformation and development of local industries, government leaders of the three places said. "Governments of the three places will continue to provide the best services and create the best environment, hoping that Yuze will give full play to its technological advantages, build itself into a world-class enterprise, produce top-notch products, and create a first-class track record so as to make new contributions to promoting the high-quality, leapfrog development of the local economy." 

The Company would never get where it is without the strong support and trust of local governments at all levels, partners, and friends from all walks of life, said Yan Hongjia, Chairman of Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. Currently, the 100GW production capacity project planned for Yunnan province is well in the pipeline. 

In business management, Yuze always adheres to the concept that "technology is our foundation, talents are our guarantee, customers are our support, supply is our partner, and development is our responsibility". 

With "specialized, thin-sliced, full-size and high-value" as its technological development direction, the Company is committed to realizing technological innovation of N-type silicon wafers. Consequently, it developed M4+ in 2019, M6 in 2020, M10 in 2021, and M10 in 2022. And in 2023, Yuze achieved the mass production of the 110μm 210 "small golden brick" by using non-destructive cutting technology, and meanwhile removed the technical barrier of 90μm slicing. 

In terms of talent, Yuze has always strived to make all its employees content both materialistically and spiritually. In Yunnan, the Company offers incredibly competitive salaries to its employees and stock ownership to all its core backbones and managers as an incentive. 

In terms of customers, Yuze provides them with higher-quality N-type silicon wafers, with a lower cost per watt and less carbon emissions than those of P-type silicon wafers in the same area. Yuze has never wavered in its belief in providing its customers with high-quality and value-added products and wholehearted services. In terms of supply, Yuze insists on working hand in hand with supply partners to create an all-win ecosystem. 

In terms of development, Yuze focuses on the business philosophy of "stability, low debt, sustainability, and prudence". As a local N-type silicon wafer enterprise in Yunnan, Yuze aspires to be the first listed PV enterprise in the province and to contribute to the development of the province's new energy industry and the realization of the global goals of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". 

Xu Kun, General Manager of Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd., walked consumers through the Company's technology, products, specifications, and values in the following four aspects: "specialized, thin-sliced, full-size, and high-value". 

In terms of specialization, the Company, as a professional manufacturer of N-type silicon wafers, set foot in this field as early as 2019 and so far has accumulated rich experience in technology. 

In terms of thin slice, through technological innovation, the Company is committed to developing high-efficiency N-type ultra-thin silicon wafers. So far, the Company has put the 110μm 210 "small golden brick" into mass production and removed the technical barrier of 90μm slicing. In terms of full size, the Company's N-type products come in all sizes, covering the three mainstream technical routes, i.e. TOPCon, HJT, and IBC. In addition, customized production pursuant to performance and parameters has been realized. 

In terms of high value, relying on its rich technical experience accumulated in specialization, thin slice, and full size of N-type products, Yuze has maximized the value of silicon material, further lowered the bottom line of energy consumption, and made it a reality to produce more silicon wafers with the same silicon material, thus providing the most valuable products with low cost, high conversion efficiency, and high-cost performance. 

In the presence of company leaders, leaders of relevant departments at the prefecture, city, and county levels, and the Company's VIP partners, the groundbreaking ceremony of Chuxiong Base, Guangnan Base and Dongchuan Base of Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. came to a successful end. 

Strive for progress and seek further development while working with partners and embracing a promising future! This event marks a further significant increase in the Company's production capacity of N-type silicon wafers. Under the guidance of its "Task Plan" and "Road Map", Yuze is opening up a new chapter of "common development, common prosperity, and common progress" alongside local governments and partners.