As a Competitive N-type Silicon Wafer Manufacturer, Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. Makes Its Way onto the List of "Unicorn Enterprises in China 2022"

Recently, the 2023 China Unicorns and Potential Unicorn Enterprise Research Report Conference was held in Suzhou. Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuze") made it onto the list of "Unicorn Enterprises in China 2022", becoming the first unicorn enterprise in Yunnan Province.



A unicorn enterprise shall be less than 10 years old and have an estimated value of over USD 1 billion or even USD 10 billion. The list of "Unicorn Enterprises in China 2022" is an authoritative list released by Great Wall Enterprise Institute (GEI) to include fast-growing, highly innovative and highly influential private enterprises with high potential. Based on its leading innovative N-type silicon wafer technology, Yuze has seized the opportunity of the N-type era and made it onto the list, earning high recognition from the industry and society.

Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. is actually controlled by Shanghai Xinronghe Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Its shareholders include National Green Development Fund Co., Ltd., CITIC Goldstone Fund Management Co., Ltd., SDIC Chuanghe Fund Management Co., Ltd., CITIC Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Chuxiong State-Owned Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd., etc. Founded with a registered capital of RMB 1.5 billion in Chuxiong, Yunnan, in May 2019, Yuze Semiconductor (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise focusing on N-type solar monocrystalline silicon rods and silicon wafers. The company has set up four manufacturing bases in Chuxiong, Wenshan, Kunming and Yichun respectively, with a total planned production capacity of 100 GW.

As a manufacturer of full-size N-type silicon wafers, Yuze has never wavered in following its core concept that "technology is our foundation, talents are our guarantee, customers are our support, supply is our partner, and development is our responsibility". The company has been striven to develop "specialized, thin-sliced, full-size and high-value" products from the technological perspective. In 2019, M4+ was thin-sliced to M10. In 2023, the company put the 110μm 210 "small golden brick" into mass production and removed the technical barrier of 90μm slicing, realizing the goals of "higher area utilization rate, higher conversion efficiency and lower fragmentation rate" than the similar models.



"Yuze N+1" is bringing the market into the N-type era. The company has been constantly making innovations and breakthroughs to lead the technological development of the industry. Its product research and development has been extended around "N+1" to consolidate its leading technical position in the industry. Covering the three mainstream technical routes, i.e. N-type battery HJT, TOPCon and IBC, Yuze's silicon wafer products have been constantly upgraded in pursuit of lower cost per watt and less carbon emissions.

As an extraordinary N-type silicon wafer manufacturer, Yuze has successfully made it onto the list of “Unicorn Enterprises in China 2022”, which is an affirmation, encouragement and motivation to the company. Grateful, Yuze deem it a greater responsibility and mission to win this honor. Under the guidance of China’s strategic goals of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", Yuze will continuously work with partners to contribute to the green development of China’s PV industry.

On this occasion, we would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to governments at various levels, partners and friends from all walks of life for their care and support for the development of Yuze.