Yuze Vigorously Promotes School-Enterprise Cooperation

On April 28, He Liangping, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yunnan Technician College (Yunnan Institute of Industry and Trade Vocational Technology), Peng Weihua, Vice President, Long Yankun, Member of the Party Committee and Director of the Organization Department, Zhang Fuliang, Director of the Department of Intelligent Manufacturing, Wu Qiang, Deputy Director of the Office (Party Inspection Office) and Chen Feimin, Vice Governor of Chuxiong Prefecture People's Government, Huang Yunyan, Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the Prefecture Party Committee, Secretary,  Director and Second Inspector of the Party Group of the Prefecture Human Resources Bureau, Xia Yu, Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Prefecture Human Resources Bureau, paid a visit to our company. The arrival of He Liangping and Chen Feimin and other leaders will further deepen the cooperation between the two sides. Through this interaction, the cooperation between the two sides will be raised to a new level. 




As an enterprise with lofty development goals, we know that only by constantly improving the level of enterprise development and strengthening the building of talent team can we occupy more market share and be invincible in the fierce social competition. To this end, our company has also held several special meetings to discuss the pattern of talent introduction, talent training and talent construction, and formulated the development strategy of "strengthening development of the company with talents". We believe that to create a new situation for the company's development, we deeply look forward to close cooperation with colleges. 




At the meeting, in order to further expand school-enterprise cooperation and raise the level of school-enterprise cooperation to a new height, the following communication and exchanges were made. 


First, establish a school-enterprise contact mechanism, and set up a dedicated person for docking. 

The two sides jointly formulate joint work plans, strengthen work exchanges, and feed back relevant information to each other, so that the information on talents needed by enterprises can be timely targeted in school enrollment, subject division and teaching content, and the teaching situation of schools can also be timely informed to enterprises, so that enterprises have more room for talent building. 


The second is to strengthen the interaction between enterprise management and school teaching. 

The school has a strong faculty in education and training, which can support enterprises when they encounter technical problems or need technical achievements. In theory, the school can send some key teachers to enterprises for training, so as to continuously improve the theoretical accomplishment of employees in enterprises and improve theoretical guidance in practical work. 

Enterprises have accumulated rich experience in working practice, and these experiences are the necessary social experiences that students can hardly learn on campus. Our enterprise can send some experienced employees and engineers to the school to exchange experiences. This practice can enable students in school, especially graduates, to have a preliminary impression of the real face of society before embarking on the workplace, so as not to enter society and feel at a loss. 


Thirdly, integrating the experience of school-enterprise cooperation into the overall building of schools and the building of corporate culture. 

Through continuous interaction and communication, we constantly summarize the experience of school-enterprise cooperation, rise to the theoretical level, and accumulate some relevant information as the cultural heritage of inheritance. We also need to strengthen the publicity work, so that the experience of school-enterprise cooperation can have a wide impact on the whole society, further expand the social influence of enterprises and schools, and usher in new opportunities for the development of schools and enterprises. 




Let's keep pace with the times and forge ahead into the future, and jointly create a new situation of school-enterprise cooperation. With the joint promotion of both sides, our cooperation will surely usher in a brand-new future. 



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