How will the price of silicon materials "end" in 2022 when the monthly silicon materials list is signed in December?

In November, with the gradual reduction of the domestic polysilicon supply gap, polysilicon prices began to diverge in the signing of monthly orders in November. The price of high-quality polysilicon remained high and stable, and the price of low-quality polysilicon fell within a narrow range. Near the end of November, The signing of polysilicon material monthly orders in December will gradually start next week. As the last month of 2022, what will be the result of polysilicon material prices?

SMM understands that with the ramp-up of new silicon material production capacity, the domestic supply of silicon material is expected to exceed the 90,000-ton mark in November, the supply of silicon material will further increase, and the mentality of silicon wafer enterprises to purchase and reduce prices will gradually increase. However, a first-line enterprise in Inner Mongolia will overhaul for about 10 days due to the renewal of the substation, which is expected to affect the output of silicon materials by 2000-3000 tons, forming a certain support for the price of silicon materials.

SMM learned from a certain company in Xinjiang that its low-quality polysilicon has already planned to reduce the price in the December order. At the same time, with the increase in the supply of high-quality silicon materials from various enterprises, silicon wafer companies have gradually become stricter on the quality of silicon materials, and the popularity of low-quality silicon materials such as cauliflower materials and coral materials has continued to decline. It has also begun to shift to the buyer's market, and some participants even expected that the price of cauliflower will fall below 300 yuan/kg in December.

On the whole, the current relationship between supply and demand of polysilicon is gradually changing. Superimposed on the reduction of production by a silicon wafer factory in Yunnan due to hydropower problems, superimposed imports may even exceed the current situation of oversupply in November and December. High-quality polysilicon still has a certain degree of scarcity , the price will remain stable, low-quality silicon materials are gradually being "abandoned" by the market, and the price will drop significantly. According to SMM, the monthly price of dense silicon material in December is 304-308 yuan/kg, and the monthly price of cauliflower material is 298-302 yuan/kg. The price difference between silicon materials of different specifications will continue to widen.